Sebastian Mary Tay


Sebastian Mary Tay SSA is an interdisciplinary artist who graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with a Master of Research. In the past five years, Sebastian has exhibited in countries inclusive of the UK, Lithuania, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Some shows include solo exhibition ‘Something Above; Somewhere Beyond’ at FOST Gallery (Singapore), ‘Nida International Photography Symposium 2018’, ‘The Society of Scottish Artists 121st Annual Exhibition’, ‘The Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition 2017’, and ‘Pingyao International Photography Festival’. His works have been exhibited at The Royal Scottish Academy on eight occasions, including the annual exhibitions of The Society of Scottish Artists and The Royal Scottish Academy. Sebastian recently participated in Facebook Artist in Residence (AIR) programme, where he made a site-specific photographic print measuring twenty-five metres long installed across three walls. Sebastian lives and works in Singapore. He is a lecturer in the area of photography history and theory, art theory, contextual studies, critical theory. Currently he is making new works and preparing for exhibitions in Singapore and the UK. Sebastian is a Professional Member of The Society of Scottish Artists.

LOCATION: Bus stop ID #09059, by National Youth Council on Grange Rd


The speed of movement in this tropical island, like other metropolitan cities, is one of high frequency; people travel from places to places with consistent interests occupying their minds. The idea of this body of work started out as an attempt to understand the movements of people and their journey in our country, particularly since the framework of this project traces a specific bus route, mapping the movement from its start point in the east to its arrival at Gillman Barracks. The process of travel is seemingly one of non-significance; only the arriving destination and the subsequent carrying out of the task is important. The journey is filled with a certain anticipation coupled with a desire to look for distractions. The purpose of this project is then to provide a reversal of emphasis — placing significance upon the journey, treating the movement as one with meaning. The work installed at the visual display spaces of this bus stop, thus, is meant to serve as a contemplative space. The frames of those visual displays in this temporary position of commuters perform the role of a window, through which they gaze from one world to another. This pensive space provides a moment where the travellers can take a deep breath and gaze into the landscapes of these photographic images, indulging their imagination in the spirit of disinterestedness. 

Past Work