Madhvi Subrahmanian


Artist, curator and writer, Madhvi Subrahmanian lives and works in Singapore, frequently showing in her city of birth – Mumbai. Madhvi’s practice investigates different perspectives in her works evoking both collective and personal memories. Madhvi is a Singapore PR and a member of International Academy Of Ceramics, Geneva, Sculpture Society, Singapore and Artaxis, USA. She studied with Ray Meeker in Pondicherry, India  and received a Masters in Fine Arts from Meadows School of the Art, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX. Madhvi has been invited to several international artist-in-residence programs and her works are in many private and public collections such as Shigaraki Ceramic Sculptural Park, Japan. FuLe Museum, Fuping, China and Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore. She has shown at several Ceramic Biennales in countries like Korea, Indonesia and China as well as at museums internationally. Madhvi is a founding member and curator of the Indian Ceramics Triennale and shows in Singapore galleries as well as with Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai.
Liminial Space by Madhvi Subrahmanian 2021

LOCATION: #15059, Opposite Alexandra Point on Alexandra Road and behind #15049 Opposite NOL Building on Alexandra Road, along the covered walkway entrance to Gillman Barracks towards NTU CCA

Liminal Space

The word liminal comes from the Latin word ‘limen’, meaning threshold – any point of entering or beginning. Liminal spaces are also like the time between day and night or the physical space between inside and outside, that are primarily transitional or transformative spaces on the brink of change.

The two locations where my work will be situated for the Bus Stop Art Project  -Alexandra Road bus stop and the Gillman walkway- are both “liminal spaces”. At the bus stop one waits in transit, with expectation and anticipation. It becomes a point of pause, serving as an interlude between awaiting and passage. The Gillman walkway, a transitional space, takes one from the “outside” (bus-stop) to the “inside” (art galleries).

The white mappings at the bus stop and on the Gillman walkway are inspired by two points of reference, the historic Alexander road, where the work is physically located and white ritualistic rice flour drawings from the Tamil tradition known as Kolam. These ephemeral drawings are made on the threshold with dots and continuous lines forming mandala like patterns, to welcome the new day or an auspicious occasion.

Like in an earlier work done in New York City, I will draw daily at dawn or dusk (a liminal time of the day) on the Gillman walkway during the Singapore Art week. The organic drawings starting at one end of the walkway building daily towards the other end will fade and change with the weather, placing them in a liminal sphere – between performance and process.

Past Work