Bringing art to where Singaporeans live, work, and commute

On view from 21 January until 3 Feb 2021

Artworks by 10 Singapore- based artists along the 175 bus route from Geylang Bahru to Gillman Barracks.
See them all during Singapore Art Week 2021

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Curated by Amelia Abdullahsani & Merryn Trevethan –

Hélène Le ChatelierAlecia Neo – Perception3 – Yen PhangRizman Putra Madhvi SubrahmanianSebastian Mary TayThe Next Most Famous Artist Merryn Trevethan Andy Yang

Bringing joy and wonder to the everyday commute

Bus.Stop.Art. takes art out of the museums and galleries, and installs it in public where it can be enjoyed by anyone at any time of the day or night

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With our virtual tours, self-guided tours, Augmented Reality content, virtual chats with artists, as well as FREE downloadable activities.

So everyone can play along and join the fun!

VIRTUAL TOUR launch event


Singapore WED 27 JAN 2021 6:00pm

Welcome Onboard our Bus.Stop.Art. Virtual Tour enabling both local and global audience to experience artworks sited at bus shelters along Singapore’s 175 route. Join curators and artists in a conversation about making projects outside the white cube and join us on an extraordinary journey across the city from Geylang Bahru to Gillman Barracks.

  • Democratisation of art in public spaces Curator, Merryn Trevethan with artists, Andy Yang & Yen Phang.
  • Impact of art in public spaces Curator, Amelia Abdullahsani with artists Regina De Rozario (Perception3) & Helene Le Chatelier.

Bus.Stop.Art LIVE event and videos are produced with the support of Facebook Open Arts.  Facebook Open Arts exists to build community through creativity and are delighted to partner with Bus.Stop.Art for Singapore Art Week to celebrate the work of artists in Public Spaces.

#ArtMovesUs #facebookopenarts


When – Singapore WED 27 JAN 2021 6:00pm

Where –

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